Bitcoin Revolution Review – Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution LogoFor example, the provider Bitcoin Revolution seems reputable, at least at first glance. Bitcoin, probably the most famous cryptocurrency, actually promises exorbitant profits. The investor no longer knows what is fraud, what is serious. What is the Bitcoin Revolution all about, is it a scam or a serious offer? The website does not contain any actionable information, only propaganda.

It makes sense to get up-to-date information from established and reputable companies. The list of Bitcoin scam platforms is frighteningly long. The providers listed there are marked with the word „scam“. There are close to 50 companies in the list. It is in line with the facts that the profit margin of bitcoin is above average. Investors know this as well, so the scam sites‘ advertisements could well be true.

Bitcoin is currently providing profits, however, as is normal in this field, this can change abruptly at any time. Bitcoin was also „down,“ but rallied within a short time and is currently scoring above-average gains.

However, winning about $13,000 within 14 hours sounds quite adventurous, even for Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Revolution? Does it work or is it a con?

The investor is informed that the minimum deposit is 250 euros. This amount is „harmless“, so to speak. The sum is actually low, if it is true that exorbitant profits can be achieved with Bitcoin Revolution. A higher sum would scare off the thinking consumer.

The profit comes „on its own.“ The robotic software manages Bitcoin and provides the wealth. The user does not actually have to do anything, just wait for the profit to be booked, almost like a land of milk and honey. In fact, there are profits. After the first profits can be quietly invested a little more money. Traders who have experience make appropriate research.
Bitcoin Revolution Fake

Is Bitcoin Revolution legitimate or a scam?

Oh, this is unbelievable. A gigantic profit, the customer can’t believe his eyes. Now it goes to the payout to invest even more money afterwards.

A payout is only possible, the operator writes, when the amount (varies depending on the deposit amount of the investor) has reached the amount of, for example, 1,500 euros. The user says to himself, well, 1,000 euros are already profit, then he continues to invest until he actually records 1,500 euros profit.

This little game goes on until the customer realizes there will never be a payout, but the invested money is gone. Inquiries, when with the money to be counted, remain unanswered. There is no address or other means of contact.

Perfect promises motivate to invest at Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution ReviewProminent personalities report high profits. This is cleverly staged, not every trader realizes right away that it is a fake. Allegedly Frank Thielen, Dieter Bohlen, and Bill Gates have invested with the unknown obscure provider. Of course, the celebrities are ignorant and in no way involved in these scams. The manipulated trading software was developed by experts. The layman does not notice that it is a scam that many ignorant people fall for.

Bitcoin Revolution is a well thought-out software system. 250 euros or US dollars are the minimum stake, an upper limit is not specified. The provider points this out. There is no imprint on the homepage, which is thought-provoking. Information about the company or the founders also does not exist.

Customer ratings can be a hoax, as every consumer knows. Every published rating is not always written by real customers. A positive rating is best suited as an advertising insert.

There is no address and no landline number, only the phone number of a cell phone can be contacted. Registration is done with a simple registration form. Signing up is done quickly, and the new customer is already asked for at least 250 euros.

An app for mobile devices is also not in the offer assortment.

The software of Bitcoin Revolution seems reputable at first glance

One advantage is the free provision of the software. Promised are above-average profits, which are „all too high to be true for the normal consumer.“ The potential customer is urged to act quickly. Only a limited number of customers can be registered each day. Why, in fact? What’s wrong with registering 1,000 or 2,000 or just 5 customers daily. Why is the number of registrations limited?

However, the disadvantages are more realistic and more painful for the user. The software does not work so well after all. Signing up and trying it out cost the user the minimum stake of 250 Euros or more. The permanent urging to deposit more money actually animates the client with the thought: the more is deposited, the higher are logically the profits. The trader pays dearly for his extensive experience.

One client shares that he deposited 250 euros, earned 123 euros within a month, not the promised 13,000 euros daily. Well, anyway, there was no loss.

The requested payout was never processed. Inquiries about the status of the processing remained unanswered. Needless to say, no payout was made.

Features to be aware of

Astronomically high profits are also not to be expected with Bitcoin. Looking at the imprint and detailed contact details is important for the potential customer, because there is usually no imprint on the scam websites. What are the contact details? A cell phone number is of course not sufficient. The address of the company’s headquarters is not listed anywhere, nor is there an e-mail address. A form for registration is filled out and forwarded to an invisible e-mail address.

A test, carried out by experts, reveals that the prominent customers are purchased images. The „About Us“ section contains explanations of the software. The conditions are sentences and paragraphs thrown together to fit any company. 99% correct results, in other words almost every transaction is profitable, does not exist in reality. No crypto robot can manage that. Moreover, the bad German is striking. These are not typos or careless mistakes, but serious errors concerning grammar and spelling.

Buy Bitcoin from a trusted provider

The reputable provider Etoro is absolutely trustworthy. This is an established provider that has been present for about 15 years. The advertising is realistic, no empty promises are made. In addition, Etoro has a valid license, as shown on the website. Anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin should process the transactions with a reputable provider like Etoro, which has been known for years.

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