Bitcoin Storm Review – Serious & Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Storm LogoBitcoins have been very popular as an investment option for some time and are increasingly in demand. Even famous people like Elon Musk trust in this form of investment and help it to reach ever greater heights. The Bitcoin market is large and meanwhile there are many programs to trade with Bitcoins. One of them is Bitcoin Storm, which will be explained in more detail in this article.

What is Bitcoin Storm? Does it work or is it a con?

Bitcoin Storm is a platform for trading bitcoins. According to the operator, this platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals. There is no need to take an increased risk. It is possible to open a demo account and gain initial experience. The registration and the handling are uncomplicated and easy. The interface is clear and is adapted to well-known trading forms such as Bitcoin Trader or Bitcoin Evolution. There is also an app available that can be used to trade via smartphone. Especially the look seems very serious and uncomplicated at first glance. It makes the impression that trading with Bitcoins is simple and straightforward. Especially beginners, who are not familiar with the matter, often fall for this misconception and often invest a lot of money, which is lost in the end. Likewise, there are many reports on the Internet that are positive and describe this platform as reputable. Such so-called reports on various sites describe the platform as easy and recommendable. Many of these reports are fake. Experts in the industry have been rating the trading platform as unserious and not recommendable for some time. The platform advertises with an easy handling. At first glance, the procedure seems very easy and uncomplicated. However, no money can be earned in the long run, but rather money is lost.

How does Bitcoin Storm and its trading bot work?

The heart of Bitcoin Storm is a trading bot. Like many bots, this one works with algorithms and other calculations. It analyzes the market using various indicators such as the exponential moving average or the relative strength index. TheBot analyzes the market and then makes recommendations on when to buy the currency and when to sell it. The program constantly monitors the market. On the website, the interested party is led to believe that he just needs to make some settings on what things theBot should pay attention to. Especially for beginners and newcomers to Bitcoin, these settings are not so easy to make and serious mistakes can quickly occur, which can end up being very expensive. Depending on the settings made, the bot acts independently and buys or sells. Such a rather simple variant for trading with Bitcoins cannot be found with reputable providers. It requires an individual and self-developed strategy to be successful in the long run. A bot that always goes for the same parameters will not be successful in the long run and thus the invested money will be lost. An easy trade without a certain insight into the matter is therefore not possible. However, the provider gives the appearance in this case. Especially for beginners, this is a deceptive insight.

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The Scam – How Bitcoin Storm Deceives

The actual scam of Bitcoin Storm aims to give the impression to the prospective customers and especially beginners that trading Bitcoins is easy and even laymen can easily make money with it. No successful trades can be made with a bot in the long run. In addition, the provider’s advertising gives a false impression, which is often deceptive, especially for beginners and novices. A serious test will bring to light what fraud is being done with it. With longer researches it can be found out that more and more experiences of users show that the platform and the provider is not suitable especially for beginners and beginners. Even professionals trust the provider less and less and turn to other platforms for trading bitcoins. For more and more people, the scam is coming to light. In the scene, the provider is increasingly unpopular and is hardly used. However, newcomers in particular keep falling for this scam. Countless testimonials and sophisticated advertising give the impression that it is a reputable provider, which makes trading with Bitcoins very simple and straightforward. However, this is not the case. The platform is not to be recommended. Buying and trading Bitcoins should be done with other providers.

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Positive experiences: What are the alternatives?

For example, an established, reputable and popular platform for trading Bitcoins is eToro. At eToro, it is an online trading platform for social trading and multi-asset investments. In addition to cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks can also be traded. The platform is considered reputable and is particularly suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. It is possible to gain initial experience with a free demo account. Deposits up to 20,000 euros are legally protected with the platform in case of insolvency. More than 120 cryptocurrencies can be traded. Trading with shares is well possible on the platform. In tests, the platform performs particularly well. It is easy to buy various cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, knowledge about cryptocurrencies and a certain structure and a strategy is also very important here. For the experienced trader, the platform is clearly laid out. You can do all the necessary things directly in the user account or on the app. Probably because of this, the provider is so successful among both newcomers and experts in the field of trading cryptocurrencies. eToro has seats in Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Israel. It is one of the largest and most reputable brokers in Germany.

Summary of Bitcoin Storm review

Bitcoin Storm is a dubious provider for trading bitcoins. Due to fake testimonials and deceptive advertising, people are given a serious impression. Even in some tests, the platform is rated as recommendable and particularly easy. The bot used is not suitable. Especially beginners who rely on it will lose money. Without a certain knowledge, experience and a suitable strategy, trading with Bitcoins is not seriously possible. The platform gives an impression that trading with Bitcoins can be uncomplicated and easy. Due to these backgrounds, the platform is not recommended.